Quality Control Systems

Tech’s people and equipment play an extremely important role in maintaining our proven record of quality and delivery performance.  Tech utilizes a scanning tip probe  Zeiss MMZ E with a  157” X 78” X 39″ operating envelope CMM, operating on the latest Calypso Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) software to support our quality control processes.

Certifications. Tech is AS9100 Rev D and ISO 9001:2015 Certified , Fracture Critical/Traceable Part Compliant, ITAR Registered., and DPD certified.

Standards – Tech Manufacturing has full Digital Product Definition (DPD) capabilities approved by customers including:  Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Gulfstream and several Tier 1 contractors. Tech utilizes Model Based Definition (MBD) – is fluent with complex models and has several software packages that allow digital data to be securely received, translated, and validated through a robust AS9102 FAI (First Article Inspection) process.

Quality Planning Systems

  • Measurlink Gage Management


Tech Manufacturing has a robust and thorough Quality Planning process that begins as soon as the customer Purchase Order is received. Tech’s Quality Plan is developed using DISCUS FAI software and begins before any other engineering activities to ensure requirements are met and understood throughout the entire planning process.

Quality Plans including AS9102 forms go through a rigorous review process ensuring all requirements are captured and flowed correctly into all production documents. Requirements and results are seamlessly transferred between the Calypso CAI software and the DISCUS FAI software reducing time and errors found in manual data entry during the AS9102 FAI Process.

DISCUS Desktop FAIR software allows Tech Manufacturing to capture customer requirements quickly and accurately develop Quality Plans including AS9102 forms. Digitally Embedded customer requirements including GD&T annotations are easily extracted from customer digital data ensuring that all requirements are met when parts are delivered.

Tech is experienced in the use of Net-Inspect FAI data base and has completed FAI planning and submitted FAI results with several different customers.  Plans and results are uploaded automatically using the DISCUS FAI software reducing errors and significantly reducing the time required to complete the process.

Zeiss MMZ-E 2000 157" x 78" x 39" operating envelope

Quality Engineers reviewing a large scale First Article Inspection (FAI) Bubbled Inspection Model