Aerospace Parts Lean Manufacturing

At Tech Manufacturing we have fully implemented Lean Manufacturing processes and have been using these processes for over 7 years to deliver the highest quality precision machined aerospace parts to customers.

Lean manufacturing focuses on the entire manufacturing process – improving throughput and quality while reducing material and time waste. Tech invests in operations on a regular basis to ensure that our Quality Process is constant throughout the production of each and every discreet part of the manufacturing process – beginning with process design and ending with on-time delivery.

Tech’s Lean Manufacturing process starts with organizing parts into part families. The part families are assigned to machine cells designed to specifically handle each part family. Regular monitoring of specific metrics for each cell allows a clear focus on continuous improvement as well as positively impacts predictability, throughput and on-time deliveries.

Lean Manufacturing Cell

A lean manufacturing cell pulls together all of the machines and manufacturing stations needed to work on a specific part family. The Kanban system provides a visual representation of the work to be done, the status of the work in progress and other important information needed during the production process. Post manufacturing process stations, such as deburring and detailing, are included in the cell to allow employees to work on parts efficiently.

Hard Metal Manufacturing Cell

Hard metal and aluminum precision part machining cell is represented in the lean manufacturing cell image to the right. Tech’s 3 Cincinnati 5-axis machines are capable of handling hard metal and aluminum parts and are part of a group of machines that include deburr and detailing stations.

Customer Benefits from Tech’s Lean Process

  • Each step of the process is designed to generate highly reliable and predictable results

  • Tech’s Facility is designed and organized in manufacturing cells in order to allow machinists the best opportunity for completing each discreet step in part manufacturing at the highest quality levels – reliably, productively, and without having to take risks

  • Production machinists interact regularly with quality, engineering, and sales staffs to ensure each and every process is performing to customer expectations

  • Tech monitors data, evaluates performance, identifies opportunities, and shares what we learn with customers to get better