Tech Manufacturing History

Over 60 years of aerospace parts manufacturing expertise.

Tech Manufacturing began as a single person aerospace machining company in 1956 by a retired McDonnell Douglas employee working out of a 3 car garage in South St. Louis.

As the business grew, the firm expanded from the 3 car garage into a facility off of Chouteau Ave & Theresa Ave in the downtown St. Louis area.

The current owners purchased the business on May 25th 2003 after Tech Manufacturing had grown to 25 employees.

At the time of purchase, the company was making parts for 4 aircraft, on 1 shift, running 5 days per week.  Equipment included 3- & 5-axis machining for hard metals and 3-axis machining for aluminum.


Tech Manufacturing is a leading aerospace machining company.

Tech Manufacturing is an aerospace and aircraft airframe parts fabricator specializing in 5-axis machining of complex, thin-walled, monolithic structural components. Tech Manufacturing strives to provide customers with:  Quality Product, Timely Delivery, & Value through Continual Improvement.

Tech Manufacturing has over 70 employees, run’s 3 shifts 5-6 days a week, and manufactures parts for 22 different aircraft. Customers include aerospace OEM manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers.

In 2016 Tech Manufacturing was awarded the Top Shops Award.  Click here to learn more about why Tech was chosen for this award.

What Makes Tech Manufacturing Unique

  • Tech’s greatest assets are its very capable personnel. Average experience levels of shop personnel are 13 years. Additionally Tech manages an active paid-intern program in both the shop floor and Engineering Departments. Finally, Tech employs 10 degree’d engineers to deal with the challenging requirements demanded in the manufacture of highly complex aerospace parts.

  • Tech invests time, money, and effort in training personnel. In addition to off-site training for personnel operating new or specialized machinery and equipment, every employee at Tech receives 40 hours per year of paid training in procedures, processes, and new operating requirements such as cyber security.

  • Overall employee environment is integrated, communicative, productive, and safe.
    Tech work spaces are clean, organized and designed for maximum efficiency.

  • The Tech plant is designed around the practical manufacturing protocols of Lean Manufacturing which are efficient, predictable, and price competitive.

  • Risk Mitigation. Rather than a focus at the end of the manufacturing chain, Tech employs Quality Assurance at the beginning and during the manufacturing process. Tech believes that how performance excellence is achieved is just as important as achieving it.  This results in lowering the risk of system failures.

  • Tech Manufacturing is logistically convenient. Located within a few miles of the demographic center of the country, 40 miles from an international Airport, and 40 miles from Boeing St. Louis Headquarters lines of communication and shipping distances are shorter, faster, and cheaper.

  • Win-win relationships are important to all parties. Tech develops close working relationships with customers at multiples levels in both organizations.

  • Manufacturing methodology is important. Procedures and processes developed internally by the Tech Manufacturing staff have been nationally recognized by Modern Machine Shop Magazine published in the fall of 2016.